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Posted by Dan Jolly on Apr 30, 2014 3:37:00 PM

Groovystuff Repurposed Teak Outdoor Furniture“One person’s junk is another person’s treasure” is an old adage that most are familiar with and it can be traced back to the 16th century. It may be a popular 500 year old saying but it wasn’t until 1998 that it took on such a visual and comfortable meaning. That was when Chris Bruning founded the furniture company Groovystuff that specializes in making rustic furniture out of re-claimed teak wood.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

The Bovine Bar Chair from GroovystuffThe bulk of the eco-friendly outdoor furniture and accessories that Groovystuff produces are made from repurposed teak wood. They utilize forgotten wagon wheels, reclaimed teak I-beams from deserted barns, pieces of antique farm equipment such as oxen yokes, plows and various parts from authentic wild west wagons. They use these materials to manufacture such things as bar furniture, benches, outdoor seating, outdoor tables and home décor. For example, the Bovine swivel bar chair (pictured to the right) uses an oxen yoke for a backrest, planed teak bark-wood through out and a wagon wheel hub that allows the stool to swivel.

Recently Groovystuff has unveiled a new series outdoor tables, stools and accessories manufactured from reclaimed steel oil drums. The ends of the drums make for an attractive and rustic table top while the rest of the barrel is used to make stools and various wall art. The pieces feature their original shades of color and ooze with character.

Groovystuff offers a large array of home accessories that can be placed both inside and outside. Like all of the furniture they are also manufactured from repurposed material and range from practical to whimsical. Salvaged steel oil drums are used to create various pieces of outdoor art and mirrors. They use assorted pieces of reclaimed teak such as branches and stumps to make table coasters, planters, wine bottle holders and outdoor canisters. Again they utilize old wagon parts to make coat racks and outdoor shelves. Artistic liberties are taken with reclaimed teak roots as they are hand carved into stunning pieces such as galloping mustangs, life sized cowboy hats and detailed motorcycles.

Groovystuff Allows Students To Build Their Future

In 2008 Groovystuff created the not-for-profit “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation”. In an unprecedented industry move they gave college students in the design departments at 14 universities a box of reclaimed raw materials and challenged them to create commercial furniture and home décor pieces. The “Groovystuff by Design: Connection Education with Industry Challenge” allows students to get real-life experience making commercial goods and the winners receive life time royalties as their designs are them put into mass production. Just last year Groovystuff was awarded the 2013 ICON HONOR for this very program. For a more detailed look at this program and the award it won watch this video from Chris Bruning’s YouTube page.

Groovystuff prides itself on “designing products for today’s lifestyle from yesterday’s antiquities.” They make useful and eye catching pieces of furniture that are eco-friendly and conversation starters. But as they warn on their website, “Soon demand will exceed supply, and the vintage collections you see in its purity today will be reduced to accents of varying degrees.” So if you intend on owning a piece of rustic furniture that is weathered with history you’re better off doing it sooner than later. After all, one day all of the reclaimed goods in the world will be claimed.

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