What Kind of Outdoor Sofa Are You Most Like?

Posted by Dan Jolly on May 30, 2014 7:52:00 AM

What Kind of Outdoor Sofa Are You Most Like

Let’s talk about the outdoor sofa. That big soft piece of furniture that’s patiently waiting your companionship. It welcomes both you and your company for a relaxing sit. It begs to absorb that weight off your shoulders and give you a reprieve from your worries. It is in fact an outdoor areas best friend. Without an outdoor sofa no backyard is complete. Where else will you retreat to when you want to appreciate an especially beautiful sunset? Where would you go when all you want to do is get lost in a book only coming up for air to drink from your wine glass? When you want to ingest a peaceful breeze and let the sounds of nature rock you to sleep? Sure there are perhaps several ways to enjoy all of this but we argue there is no better way than from loving grasps of an outdoor sofa.

Laurent Outdoor Wicker SofaThe Wicker Patio Sofa

Outdoor wicker furniture provides a rustic timeless look. After all, wicker patio furniture has been around since the ancient Egyptians. The vast majority of wicker is now made with synthetic fibers and is much more durable than its natural predecessors. Although today’s wicker is synthetically made it is still woven by hand using methods that were pioneered hundreds of years ago. Wicker furniture is very durable and easy to care for, as a hose and a cloth are all you’ll need to keep it looking new. As well, since the synthetic fibers are embedded with color throughout, scratches and chips are not as noticeable. You may be most like an outdoor wicker sofa if you;

  • Take the time to do something right the first time thus giving you more time to enjoy it rather than working on it some more.
  • Are someone who appreciates our past and enjoys antiquing.
  • Feel most at home in the country or outdoors.

Salisbury Outdoor Aluminum SofaThe Outdoor Aluminum Sofa

Aluminum patio furniture is lightweight yet very durable. The aluminum frames are powder coated helping them to withstand the Sun’s endless barrage and not succumbing to fading. Aluminum furniture is much lighter than wrought iron and steel furniture making it easier to reposition around your patio for a new look. It is also a nonferrous metal and naturally will not rust making it ideal for a home with a pool or that is close to the sea. Another benefit is that aluminum doesn’t retain nearly as much heat as other metals making it much more comfortable in the summer. You may be most like an outdoor aluminum sofa if you;

  • Like to change your appearance, like with a new haircut or wardrobe.
  • Love to go swimming or be by the sea.
  • Like to spend time in the sun gardening or tanning.

San Cristobal Outdoor Wrought Iron SofaThe Wrought Iron Patio Sofa

Wrought iron outdoor furniture is the undisputed king of outdoor durability. The solid iron frame will never fade, dent or scratch, lose its shape or get stained and become discolored. It is very heavy so there is no danger of it blowing away or tipping over. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is a favorite amongst resorts and commercial business due to the fact it can withstand the heaviest of uses and will last generations. Quality wrought iron furniture endures a laborious multi step chemical treatment process during manufacturing that inhibits the iron from rusting. Other than reapplying that protective coating this furniture is virtually maintenance free. You may be most like an outdoor wrought iron sofa if you;

  • Take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising regularly.
  • Like to set up roots and hold down the same job.
  • Once you make up your mind you stick to it, you don’t waffle.

As you can tell we are very fond of the outdoor sofa in any of its many forms. So in the spirit of one of those popular online quizzes, what kind of outdoor sofa are you most like?

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