Fall Outdoor Patio Essentials

Posted by Dan Jolly on Sep 11, 2014 4:54:00 PM

The fall is a much celebrated time of the year. It dramatically alters our landscape with those fantastic autumn colors. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving occur during its watch. The nights start to grow longer and the temperatures start to dip. In places with hotter climates such as our home base Arizona, it’s a time when we start to use our outdoor areas more. Below you will find some essential items that will help you have an enjoyable and unforgettable fall. 

Get Fired Up For Fall!

With temperatures cooling and nights coming earlier a fire pit or a patio heater will make your outdoor spaces more comfortable. Patio heaters are usually mobile and you can wheel them to your desired area. If you’re looking to heat a dining area, a table top patio heater is a great option as they typically only have a foot wide base and will leave you with plenty of table top space. Fire pits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are vey customizable. Propane burning fire pits are the most common and can double as a coffee table or even a dining table. In addition to the warmth they provide they also cast soft mood lighting.

20" Square Designer Throw Pillow - Spice StripeMake Yourself Comfortable

As the seasons change the scenery around us, perhaps it’s time for you to change up the look of your outdoor seating groups. It is not necessary to buy new patio furniture to accomplish this. Something as simple as getting new throw pillows or different seat cushions can dramatically alter the look of your outdoor furniture. Today’s Patio offers a very large selection of outdoor throw pillows and even special ordering is available. Pillows are one of those items that it is nearly impossible to have too much of.

Help Your Patio Furniture Help You

We like to think by creating an outdoor seating group you make a worry free relaxation zone. A place to go to be relieved of the days stresses and appreciate the outdoor areas you have worked so hard to shape. If you have to shake out your seat cushions or clear off fallen leaves before you sit you're not getting much relaxation accomplished. By using protective furniture covers you ensure your furniture is dry and free of debris. Protective covers have UV inhibitors that will also extend the life your patio furniture’s frame and cushions.

Harvest VasesAccessorize Accordingly

Placing new outdoor accessories in your seating areas has the same theme changing effect as getting new throw pillows. We already mentioned the mood lighting that fire pits create but have you ever thought of incorporating candle lanterns to use in place of outdoor lighting? They come in a wide variety of materials ranging from iron, plastic to wood. Pillar candles are commonly used and they undeniably create an old world feel with their flickering flame. If you’re going for an autumn look you may want to incorporate traditional fall colors such as ones used in the Harvest Vases to the right.

Obviously there are many ways to alter the look of your outdoor areas to correspond with the changing of the seasons. These are just some of the ways that our customers and us have done it. We would love to hear what you have done to your outdoor spaces to make your fall more enjoyable.

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