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Posted by Dan Jolly on Oct 20, 2012 9:48:00 AM

Tropitone URComfort Padded Sling Dining SetEvery now and then a major innovation takes place and revolutionizes our world. In 1903 the Wright brothers’ gas motored and manned airplane changes the transportation industry forever. Five years later the first Model T comes off the production line and so was born the Motor Age. Two years after that Thomas Edison displays the first talking motion picture and the world now had movies to watch. A little more than a century later the outdoor furniture industry was about to have their turn at a game changing innovation from one of their most trusted contributors.

Tropitone Ushers In A New Level Of Comfort

Late last year we wrote about the Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2012 and in that piece we mentioned that Tropitone was unveiling their new line of URComfort (pronounced your comfort) patio furniture. Turns out that we were right on track as the URComfort series has taken the outdoor furniture industry by storm. The name literally means Ultimate Reclining Comfort and it couldn’t be more adequately named. Will these years one day be known as the dawning of the Age of Comfort?

Tropitone Montreux URComfort LoveseatHow Does URComfort Work?

A traditional reclining chair only pivots at one point to set the angle of the back of the chair while the seat stays in place. URComfort uses multiple pivot points that allow both the back and the seat to move in unison with your body to find the perfect position just for you. It will stay in that position until you move, then it will move with you in a unrelenting quest to provide you with most comfort possible. The moving mechanisms are ingeniously simple, durable and easy to maintain. The chair can be adjusted for any body size or weight with the simple turn of the dial that is located on the side of the chair.

A Sturdy Endorsement

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) earlier this year gave the URComfort self-adjusting seating system their full endorsement, which was a first for the outdoor furniture industry. The ACA’s endorsement process is known for being very rigorous, as only a few select pieces of furniture have ever been awarded with it. One of the key reasons the ACA endorses the URComfort seating system is because it is designed to help maintain body posture and be comfortable for everyone even if they have back pain.

The URComfort technology is available in Tropitone’s most popular collections including the Montreux and Lakeside collections. Both collections have cushion seating, sling and padded sling URComfort options. Options include dining chairs, swivel rockers, action loungers, loveseats and sofas.

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