New Year’s Resolutions For Your Outdoor Areas

Posted by Dan Jolly on Dec 31, 2013 8:19:00 AM

New Year's Resolutions For Your Outdoor AreasNew Year’s Eve is that special time of the year where you reflect upon the year that was. Depending on how you think your year went it’s either a cause of celebration or a cold reality check. We hope that you’re planning on celebrating your many accomplishments and that we have somehow played a part in it. For those that feel their life is need of some change, finding direction can be a challenge. If the improvement lies within unfortunately I fear this piece will not be of much use to you. If the improvement involves your backyard and outdoor areas, then you have definitely come to the right place. Below you will find some ideas on how to improve your yard this year with links to articles we previously wrote with much more detail.

Cleaning Up The Backyard

If you’ve been putting off some routine backyard maintenance or have unfinished projects piling up, this can definitely become a source of stress. Staining the deck, refinishing doors and guard rails or fixing some slats on the fence all seem like mundane tasks. Once done you will be surprised at the sense of accomplishment you feel every time you look at one of those completed projects. For some, cleaning up the yard right now is simply not an option due to it being under a pile of snow. For those who reside in warmer climates, now is an ideal time while it’s cool out.  In our article 5 Ways To Create Disappointing Outdoor Spaces, amongst other things we wrote about how important it is to maintain a neat yard when entertaining guest. If you are a seasoned green thumb then this is something you probably enjoy, if not there is no shame in hiring professionals to do the job for you. If you’re not happy with the foliage in your outdoor areas now would be the time to start planning on what you want to change. Maybe it’s a few shade trees you want to add or that lush green yard you’ve always dreamed of? Or perhaps you want something that is less maintenance such as a gravel yard?

Tips to get your outdoor furniture ready for summerCleaning Up Your Outdoor Furniture

We’ve all done it. We notice that the underside of a table is gathering cobwebs or an armrest is a little sticky and we say the next time I’m out here I’ll clean that. Then when you notice it again you say the same thing. Freshen Up Your Outdoor Furniture In Five Simple Steps shows you some simple ways to make your existing furniture look new. In Tips To Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready For Summer we give you much more detail on the methods and products you can use to clean your furniture. We’ve even shown you How To Keep Outdoor Rugs Looking New. Once your furniture is cleaned it is best to cover it with a furniture cover as we demonstrated in the piece, Treasure Garden – Outdoor Furniture Covers.

Add Some New Attractions To Your Outdoor Areas

Perhaps you’re a little bored with your backyard and it’s time to introduce something new and exciting. It could be something for the kids such as a playground, tree house, or a pool. Or maybe something for the adults like a built-in bar or a fire pit. If you have an existing built-in bar or are thinking about getting one you should read Outdoor Bar Stools: Measuring Up To Your Outdoor Bar and see what size of barstools you should get. In Fire Pits & Patio Heaters – Good Bye Cold Nights, we list the benefits of both fire pits and patio heaters and how they can extend the seasonable use of your outdoor furniture. How Patio Furniture Umbrellas Can Transform Your Outdoor Space goes into great detail about different types of umbrellas and how they can enhance your outdoor areas. The Most Important Benefit Of A Patio Umbrella touches on the protection an umbrella provides for your skin. If you already have an umbrella or are planning on getting one soon then you should probably see about Protecting Your Patio Umbrella.

The JOI lampBrighten Up Your Nights

If you want to add some light to your backyard but you want something that is more attractive than floodlights have a look at Outdoor Lighting With A Twist – Thermoelectric Light. In that piece we highlight the JOI patio lamp that uses a candle to power its 8 bright LED bulbs without using any electricity. You can always add a Vega umbrella light to brighten up a gathering area. Treasure Garden And The Serenata Media Center – Welcome To The Future is a fun piece about a new and very popular product that allows you to listen to the radio or a portable music player wirelessly all from under your umbrella.

New Year New Outdoor Furniture

If you’re happy with your existing outdoor furniture but bored with the look maybe you should think about introducing some new color. Throw Pillows – Time To Get Cozy & Colorful is about how adding something as simple as pillows can dramatically alter the look of your furniture. Maybe it’s time to replace your patio furniture or you’re ready to purchase some for the first time? At the bottom of this blog is a link to our free outdoor furniture buying guide which is an invaluable tool for the first time buyer. If you’re not quite sure on what type of furniture you want to get we have written many articles about the different types of patio furniture and their unique advantages under the tag choosing outdoor furniture.

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