Fine Furnishings Can Transform  Your Patio Into The Best "Room" In The House

Posted by Dan Jolly on Jan 26, 2017 11:05:03 AM

Patios come in all shapes and sizes, but the nicest ones are the ones that have been planned for comfort and flow. Knowing how you and your family tend to use the outdoor space will help with furnishing your patio for maximum comfort and style. Well-made, sturdy, stylish patio furniture is the key, because fine furnishings really can transform your patio into the best room in the house!

Make a Plan

How do you use your patio? Do you mainly use it for grilling and outdoor meals? Is it near a pool or spa? Do you like to bask in the sun, or do you prefer shade, or a little of both? Do you tend to have frequents guests, meaning you need seating for more than just the family? Would you like a quiet area to read or take in the view?Bungalo-Sling_3-1.jpg

Breaking a large patio up into mini—rooms or 'areas" is attractive and functional, Consider a gathering area near a fire pit, a dining table and chairs that are in close proximity to the grill or an outdoor kitchen area, and a separate area for lounging near a pool or spa.

Pay special attention to areas near water. Make sure the furniture is lightweight or on wheels so you can easily move it in or out of the sun as desired. Also, make sure to buy good cushions and pillows that resist moisture and mildew.

Buy the Best Quality Furniture You Can Afford

You may feel that great quality patio furniture is too expensive. After all, you can get more pieces for less money. The real question is do you want to pay a bit more at the outset, or replace poor—quality patio furniture in a couple of years? Chances are, it'll end up costing you more to do the latter. It's the classic truth: More isn't necessarily better. Fewer, better quality pieces are the way to go, if you really want to be economical and have a super stylish patio.

Keep it Looking New

Maintaining your fine patio furnishings requires a bit of vigilance on your part, but it's essential to prolonging the life and beauty of your outdoor furniture. Protect a good teak table for example, with regular oil treatments formulated for teak. Hose pollen and other outdoor debris off umbrellas, lounge chairs and indoor/outdoor area rugs. Store pillows and cushions indoors during from late fall until springtime and cover furniture that you're planning to leave in place.

Investing in high-quality patio furniture can mean the difference between having a ho-hum patio and one that you'll love and friends will admire.