Investing in Luxury Patio Furniture: What to Expect and How to Buy

Posted by Dan Jolly on Feb 3, 2017 11:05:40 AM

More time spent outside in areas of the landscape designed as rooms leads us to upgrade to more durable, and more attractive furniture. Since we'll use the outdoor space for a variety of relaxation and entertainment, we're comfortable with budgeting more for our outdoor furnishings.

Furniture that is comfortable, durable and attractive is a basic necessity when we wish to transform a space. In a covered patio or deck area, outdoor furnishings become more permanent and are a long-term investment.

The design of outdoor pieces should coordinate with indoor furniture, creating an inconspicuous flow from indoors to the outside. Adding luxury furniture to your outdoor rooms can transform them into the most-often used rooms in the house.

Outdoor Luxury Pieces

Luxurious, quality furniture for the outdoor area will last for several years if purchases are carefully considered. Allow plenty of time to shop for this important purchase. Make sure to consider the following:

  • Design: Match or coordinate with your indoor decorating scheme. Modern designs change from year to year, sometimes season to season. Classic pieces never go out of style, but your preferences depend on your taste and what is comfortable for other family members.
  • Fabric: Ease of care is of particular importance to the working family with children. Those with time to do regular cleanings have more choices. Consider how you will protect furniture during winter months or from the blowing rain that inevitably comes with spring storms. Covers are an easy option, but in some areas, storing furniture during the off-season is the best means of protection. Plan ahead for these instances to keep luxury furniture in good repair.
  • Quality: When choosing fine furniture for the patio or outdoor room, note the construction and warranties. Wrought iron, wicker, and real wood materials provide durability. Always sit on couches and chairs before you make a final decision, comfort is of primary importance for outdoor furniture.

Less is More

Before you begin the shopping process, take a good look at the dimensions of the outdoor room to be furnished. Equipped with a tape measure, get measurements for prominent pieces of luxury furniture, such as a sofa or dining table and chairs. Allow plenty of space so that nothing appears crowded. Leave wide walkways, keeping in mind that less is more.

Limit accessories, freeing up floor and wall space. No matter how luxurious the furniture, clutter, and crowding make it less attractive. Be sure to browse our outdoor furniture choices and accessories for stylish quality at an affordable price.