Outdoor Patio Design Tips Using Flowering Plants and Living Walls

Posted by Dan Jolly on Feb 24, 2017 10:04:24 AM

As spring approaches, we begin thinking of outdoor projects and gatherings that involve the patio. The gentle temperatures of spring draw us outside to plant seeds and pot new plants. Decorate the patio with living greenery that produces flowers, fragrance, or colorful foliage.

Add Contrasting ColorPots-And-Planters.jpg

A variety of containers coordinate with outdoor furnishings. Match the bloom color to highlight or accentuate your furniture. Living specimens offer a contrast to walls. In fact, plants with white blossomed flowers, such as the easy to grow, long-lasting petunia grown with colorful coleus adds a dramatic pop of color sitting on an end table or hanging from a pergola slat. This combination needs at least partial sun. For a full-sun area, use coleus bred for sunny spots.

Vertical, Living Wall

If your deck or patio has open sides, a blank wall, or low railings, consider growing a vertical garden; often called a living wall. If the deck is off or near the kitchen, consider a living wall of herbs. Convenient for cooking or flavoring drinks and desserts, herbs provide an enticing fragrance across the outdoor area. Living walls are said to improve air quality and our ultimate well-being.

Remember the Shady Spots

Shady areas on a covered patio are an ideal location for container shade combinations. Hostas or ferns are a good basic specimen to surround taller plants such as the early blooming hellebore. Young shrubs, such as the shade-tolerant hydrangea or flowering viburnum can spend their first year in a large container on the patio before going into the landscape in fall. Choose from numerous varieties of plants to make your colorful container.

You'll want new, attractive pots for your patio plants. Find unique, good quality planters here as you ponder your springtime creations during the remaining days of winter.