Patio Design and Installation Dos and Don'ts: DIY or Professional Installation

Posted by Dan Jolly on Mar 17, 2017 12:35:48 PM

If you're adding a new patio to the home and landscape this year, you're likely excited and ready to get started. While it is an exciting addition, don't move too fast with it. The patio will be there for years to come, possibly when you've moved to a bigger home and forgotten all about it. Before you get started, remember that the addition can add value to the home or detract from the value. Make sure to plan accordingly.

To Cover or Not to Cover

When planning an attached patio, consider adding a roof. It will make the job more expensive, but a covered patio is often an important selling point for the home. Other reasons to cover the patio include furniture protection, a protected space for the family, and extended seasonal use. If the patio is attached to the home with no roof, consider standing there, arms full of groceries, in the rain. Do cover the newly built patio.

DIY or Professional Installation

Perhaps you're good with saws and lumber and think the patio installation will be no problem. You may be right, if, you're familiar with local building codes, have the proper tools to take care of the construction and the time to complete the project before summer arrives.

Perhaps you're planning a patio away from the house, floored with stone pavers and covered with a pergola. Have you laid pavers before? Are you familiar with building a pergola? You'll want the result to look seamless and perfect.

Before you begin the DIY project of building a patio, get an estimate from a local landscaping company. Most offer free site visits to discuss your vision for the new patio. Most will have a website where you can look at their previous work. You can then make an informed decision of who will build this important addition to your home and landscape. Do get a professional opinion.