Trending: Add A Classy Design To Outdoor Dining

Posted by Dan Jolly on Dec 29, 2016 12:39:42 PM

As the popularity of outdoor entertaining grows and outdoor rooms take on a new importance in the landscape, it is no wonder that the outdoor dining spot is reaching a new level of longevity. Areas to accommodate this growing trend are changing and becoming more permanent. Built-in grills and ovens outside are no longer unusual, along with a sturdy, attractive table and chairs and a fully stocked bar. Classy designs for outdoor dining are easier to accomplish than they once were.

Covered Patios and Decks

Patio areas are changing to accommodate long-lasting furniture and appliances. Many new decks and patios are complete with roofs to protect the outdoor kitchen and dining necessities. Older homes see covered decks frequently on the list of remodeling requests. The use of wood, for various types of roofs and deck coverings, is gaining in popularity. This trend changes the dynamic of decorating outdoors, providing an opportunity for a more classy design than those previously provided by open decks and throw away plastic furniture.

Outdoor Rooms

Many decks and patios are attached to the home, but the trend of outdoor rooms has expanded to other spots in the landscape. Pergolas are trending as a popular hard scape feature, set in a wood, stone or cement floor. Customize an outdoor room and make it a hidden or private spot in the yard to provide a classy design for outdoor dining. Fire pits and fireplaces extend the season of outdoor entertaining, so it only makes sense to develop and install a more permanent dining space in the backyard landscape.

Imagine a wall of blooming or evergreen shrubs providing privacy as you pass through a decorative arbor to enter the dining area. Only limited by your imagination (or that of your landscape designer), a classy design for outdoor dining may be simpler than you'd imagined.

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